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EzyPark is located in the ENEA Sector, Pudahuel, Avenida Américo Vespucio 1271. Look for us in WAZE or GOOGLE MAPS. Entering EzyPark in the search. Click here to see maps.

EzyPark is located just 6 minutes from the Santiago Airport, and at a distance of approximately 6 kilometers.

Drive your vehicle through the lanes indicated at the entrance and park in the arrivals area. Drop your bags, close and lock your vehicle and deliver your keys at reception. One of our assistants will be waiting for you and will check the confirmation ticket you received at the time of booking. Finally, take your bags to the van that is available to go to the airport.

We recommend having at least 30 minutes in advance of the airport presentation time, according to the requirements of your airline.

The meeting place defined on your return, is the parking lot where the tourist vans are located, known as the Decreto Ochenta or (D80) sector on the side of the airport, in front of the door 6 exit on the first floor. Once you land you must contact our team through WhatsApp +56 9 9551 3777. It is important that you let us know if there are changes in the schedule of your return flight.

EzyPark has a computerized system for coordinating passengers, so there is generally no problem of quotas. In the event of an unexpected increase in passengers due to the arrival of delayed flights, we will quickly send an additional van to pick up those who are waiting.

EzyPark is governed by the current regulations of the Ministry of Transport, regarding the obligation to take children under 40 kilos in appropriate car seats. If you require these, we have car seats and boosters for your children's safety during the transfer to the airport.

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We also have a children's area in the waiting area in our facilities.

The minimum is one day for online reservations, but if you need permanent parking or make an urgent reservation (less than 24 hours), please contact us +56 9 9551 3777 o via Email reservas@ezypark.cl

Contact us immediately by email at reservas@ezypark.cl or +56 9 9551 3777, it is important that you inform us about any changes before you board your return flight. We will send you an update of your reservation via email. Any additional charges may be cancelled at reception upon check-out.

Yes, our system will charge per day of delay. If you let us know in advance we will try to deliver the best available price. In case you do not contact us, the maximum daily rate will apply.

EzyPark has a parking service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can enter your vehicle at all times.

The maximum allowed is 5 people per vehicle, including children. If you need to book for a larger number, there will be additional charges. The number of passengers must be informed in the online reservation, the number of passengers returning must NOT be greater than the number of passengers declared in the reservation.

EzyPark, does NOT complete this procedure. To consult about the requirements, contact the Customs Service directly for the traveler on the first floor of the International Terminal.

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When completing the reservation request, our website will give you our payment options through the Webpay system. Once the transaction is completed, you will receive a confirmation ticket, which you must present when you arrive at EzyPark. If you do not have a reservation, you can pay directly upon arrival; however, we recommend booking online to ensure that we have a place available for your vehicle and that you also have access to the best available rates.

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