1. General information:

  2. These terms and conditions regulate the reservation and online payment of the parking and transport service, for periods of more than 24 hours that EZYPARK SPA, hereinafter and interchangeably EZYPARK, makes available to the general public, hereinafter the client / s, through its website, for the contracting of the services offered by EZYPARK and which are described in the section “Description and scope of the parking and transport service”.

    By acquiring the leasing service through the website, the customer accepts the terms and conditions set forth below, as well as the rest of the conditions, in particular the “description and scope of the parking service”, the EZYPARK privacy policy and others that were applicable.

    These terms and conditions will be effective as of their publication on the Internet and will be applied 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Each contracting of the service on the website is governed by the terms and conditions applicable on the date of reservation and payment of the contracted service. For this, it is convenient for customers to read the terms and conditions before using and / or contracting any of the services, which will be displayed at all times on the website. As proof of their knowledge and acceptance, the customer must mark the section  "I have read and accept the terms and conditions of purchase" if they are satisfied, so that they can access the payment screen once the required service has been selected. If you do not accept, you cannot pay or purchase the service.

    Van, minibus, bus or older vehicles must pay a double rate to normal due to the space they require to park.

    Forgotten items in the Ezypark units will remain for a maximum period of 3 months for removal. Ezypark is not responsible for the return of these objects.

    EZYPARK reserves the right to unilaterally modify these terms and conditions at any time and these changes will be applied to those transactions that are made after its publication date. All changes to these terms and conditions of purchase will be published online. The client will be subject to that version of this document that he accepted at the time of his reservation.

  3. Online booking and payment process for Pre-booking or E-Ticket parking:

  4. For the acquisition of the services offered on the website, these reservations must be made ideally 24 hours in advance and the customer must follow the instructions shown on the screen and accept the purchase by complying with the aforementioned indications.

    In case the client is a natural person, he must be at least 18 years old to acquire the services.

    The hiring will be carried out by completing the different forms that are presented throughout the entire purchase process and the acceptance expressed by the client of these terms and conditions and of all the conditions applicable to the contracted service. In the reservation process, sending the form once completed, pressing the “ Pay and finish purchase ” button will end the process and will imply full acceptance by the customer of the EZYPARK commercial proposal and the applicable conditions, redirecting to a purchase confirmation page on screen, which must be printed by the customer.

    The customer must have previously registered as a user in the virtual office, indicating a valid email.

    Whenever the pre-reservation procedure is successfully completed and the parking capacity is available for the specified parking times, dates and place of parking, the customer will receive an E-Ticket confirming their reservation of EZYPARK. This ticket entitles you to use the contracted service, under the conditions indicated.

    The client must present the printed or digital E-Ticket when he arrives at the parking reception to start the contracted period. If the client does not bring it, you can go to the EZYPARK offices and request its reprint, however, any delay that this generates will not be the responsibility of EZYPARK.

    Companies that want to make reservations must coordinate it directly with EZYPARK, not through the website. Agreements with companies will be subject to the availability of EZYPARK.

  5. Value and method of payment

  6. The price of the services displayed on the website will be expressed in Chilean pesos and include any applicable taxes and other costs that may be generated.

    The price of the parking and transport service is subject to availability, whose sections are defined as follows:

    The first 750 available parking lots are worth $ 4,950 per day.
    From the 751 parking lots and from now on they are worth $ 5,500 per day.

    The payment of the service contracted by the client is made through the various means of payment indicated on the website. In this sense, the client must proceed to complete the data and the form to which it is redirected depending on the method that in each case has been selected.

    To proceed with the payment, the customer must follow each and every one of the instructions that appear on the screen, providing required information. The Client undertakes not to provide false information, including names, addresses and / or contact or payment details; to not initiate any illegal activity in connection with the purchase and not allow anyone to do so.

    To make the payment, the client will be redirected to the website of the entity in charge of processing the payment, where he can pay securely.

    Depending on the payment platform used, in order to make the payment effective, the customer must previously accept the conditions of the payment platform, responsible for managing and carrying out the entire payment and collection process of the contracted service, acting in your status as an EZYPARK payment provider.

    EZYPARK does not have access or store sensitive data related to the payment method used by the customer. Only the payment processing entity has access to this data, by way of payment and collection management.

    All data provided for this purpose are encrypted to ensure maximum security.

  7. Use of the E-Ticket:

  8. The purchase of the E-Ticket is understood to have been made for the personal use of the client, or of any third party whom he designates. It is expressly prohibited:

    The sale or use for profit of the E-Ticket
    The copy of the E-Ticket

    Once the E-Ticket is issued, the client will be solely responsible for its custody. EZYPARK is not responsible for the loss or theft of the E-Ticket. The E-Ticket is under your sole responsibility.

    The use of the E-Ticket for purposes other than those provided in these terms and conditions will have the following effects:

    May carry the cancellation of the E-Ticket, and
    In any case, it will exempt EZYPARK from any responsibility towards the client and against the third party acquirer, EZYPARK also reserving the shares that correspond by law.

    If any change in the reservation is required, it is necessary to coordinate it within 24 hours of the service beginning.

  9. Use of EZYPARK transport parking

  10. Upon entering the EZYPARK parking lot, the customer accepts the following conditions:

    • All the rules and instructions displayed inside the parking lot, with the applicable law and regulations and any instructions given by our staff must be complied with

    • You must not obstruct other people or vehicles that use the parking lot

    • You must not park in any area marked "reserved" or "do not park"

    • The vehicle must have the current technical review, standard and current traffic permit, the vehicle must be in optimal conditions to be driven on public roads and not present any danger or risk to other vehicles or people in the parking lot

    • To be able to use the service, the vehicle must have a maximum size of 6 meters in maximum length and 2.3 meters in width. If the vehicle has dimensions larger than those indicated, an additional charge of 50% of the value of your reservation will be made.

    • The vehicle must park inside the demarcated area, respecting the vehicles that are around, to avoid damage with other users.

    • In case of detecting that you parked incorrectly using 2 spaces, a fine equivalent to 50% of the value of your reservation will be charged.

    • In case of transferring oversized cargo, extra luggage or any other special requirement regarding luggage, it is necessary to notify EZYPARK at the time of booking. EZYPARK will notify you if it is possible to transport it, but reserves the right to refuse any additional requirements.

    The service does not include the custody of goods that are stored inside or in the pick up of vehicles. It is not allowed to store any special items in parked cars.
    This includes dangerous goods, animals or living beings of any species, agricultural products and any other product that requires a special license.

  11. Parking pricing policy and calculation of parking fees

  12. If the hours of entry and exit of the parking lot change from that specified in the P-Ticket, as a result of which the period of use of the parking lot is greater than the period of reserved and paid parking, the client must additionally pay the corresponding fee for the extra time based on the maximum rate applicable on the date of your departure from the parking lot.

  13. Returns and refunds

  14. EzyPark will not refund any cancellation of reservations made less than 24 hours before the time of the reservation begins. If the return or refund is applied, they will be made using the same payment method used by the client for the initial transaction with a term of up to one week. In addition, Ezypark will not make refunds if the purchase was made more than 90 days ago.

  15. Transfer service (approach) to the airport

  16. EZYPARK offers a shuttle service between the parking lot and the Santiago International Airport, seven days a week and twenty four hours a day. The service includes a transfer to the Arturo Merino Benitez airport in Santiago for the outbound and another for the return. Any additional transfer request will incur additional charges.

    It is the client's responsibility to grant a sufficient amount of time for their transfer between their entrance to the parking lot and the Santiago airport using the EZYPARK Transfer service. It is recommended to consider at least 30 minutes in advance of the time of presentation to the airport according to the requirements of the airline.

    EZYPARK is not responsible for the loss of a flight or check-in because sufficient time has not been allocated or if the transfer service is delayed (for example, due to traffic or exceptional weather conditions).

    For the pick-up service from the airport to the parking lot, the passenger must wait in the area designated for the return, indicated in their reservation.

  17. Responsibility of EZYPARK

  18. EZYPARK will not be responsible for any delay or breach of its obligations if such delay or breach was due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

    The maximum luggage capacity corresponds to 5 hand luggage (8kg) or 5 cargo luggage (23kg). Each additional or oversized baggage (more than 90x90x90cm.) Pays $ 1,000 upon arrival at Ezypark.

    The customer is responsible for their luggage, the Ezypark company is not responsible for the loss of them.

    The customer is responsible for any damage to the parking lot caused by their vehicle.

    It is guaranteed that any service provided by EZYPARK will be provided with due care and efficiency. No other express warranty is granted in relation to the services offered. The total responsibility with respect to the client in relation to parking will be strictly limited and will not exceed that determined with reference to the Consumer Law.

    EZYPARK may deliver the vehicle to any person presenting the E-Ticket, unless the owner signs an additional declaration by sending EZYPARK not to deliver to any other person.

    Complaints / disputes arising from additional services must be reported to us at the time of vehicle removal. When these additional services have been provided by a third party, such complaints must be resolved directly with the relevant third party.

    Users will be responsible for informing Ezypark staff about any disagreement they have regarding the service provided before leaving Ezypark units. Once they leave the premises they cannot make any claim.

    EZYPARK will not be responsible for the fortuitous case or force majeure.

  19. Confidentiality and Privacy:

  20. With the acceptance of these terms and conditions, as provided at the beginning of this document, the client expressly accepts and declares to know the Privacy Policy, which also govern the use made of the services.

    By accepting the terms and conditions, the client consents that Ezypark uses its data to send communications, promotions or services from Ezypark and shares them with various partners or associated companies. In addition, Ezypark will share personal information of its clients if they are involved in situations that violate the rights of third parties.

  21. Duration and term of the contract:

  22. These terms and conditions will last indefinitely.

    For its part, EZYPARK may cancel the service by means of communication sent to the associated email and / or indicated by the client with a 2-day notice. It will not be necessary to claim any cause; The cancellation of the service by EZYPARK does not entitle any compensation.

    This notice will not be necessary in the event that the service is suspended as a result of the incorrect use of the website or the virtual office account by the client, which could negatively affect its provision or in the event of serious breach of any other obligation of the client.

  23. Validity and full agreement:

  24. The declaration of nullity or invalidity of any stipulation contained in these terms and conditions will not affect the validity and effectiveness of the other clauses.

    These terms and conditions of the services provided by EZYPARK through the website, as well as the Privacy Policy, constitute the total agreement between the parties, being considered of superior rank to any prior written or verbal agreement, understanding, affirmation, representation, negotiation or purpose of agreement in relation to this matter.

  25. Applicable legislation:

  26. For all purposes derived from this contract, the parties establish their domicile in the commune and city of Santiago and submit to the jurisdiction of their Ordinary Courts of Justice.